about me


I am a London-based artist of Ukrainian descent. My background is in film, which taught me everything I know about visual arts. I picked up augmented reality because not only we can alter the reality arounf us on everyday basis, but also because we can let the users tell the stories and create their own content with it. This way art lives far beyond the hands of the artist.

clients : Pepsico, 7thHeaven, Sony Music, ESHO, CULT LDN, UAnimals, VILHELM etc

Why do brands need AR filters?

AR filters work as great as any other media does for brands if campaigned right. Moreover, in many cases AR filters might
be even more engaging than classical medias. The reason for it is that the users generate content for the brand. You make
a good filter - you get thousands of micro ads, each is unique. 

Promotion of AR filters is as important as the quality and relevancy of them. A beautifully executed filter without great promotion campaign is risking to be unseen which is why it is importnant to know that a branded AR filter is a campaign
and not only a single asset.

London, United Kingdom, 2021